Say goodbye to the original Lac-Intrêts TSD 4-man chairlift and hello to the new TSD6!

After 36 years of service, the original Lac-Intrêts TSD4 took its last passengers at the end of winter 23. 

Coming winter 24 – The new Lac-Intrêts 6-person lift – capable of carrying 3000 skiers and boarders and hour.

Starting from the same base station next to Stade, the new and improved Lac-Intrêts chairlift will finish higher than the previous top station, giving you more piste and powder to ride during the winter months.

From the archives – The base station of the original TSD4 lift.

The new lift will be a 6-seater detachable chairlift, with a flow rate of 3000 people/hour compared to 2800 people/hour for the old chairlift, but this was rarely reached due to the small spacing between each seat. The lift will be built by Leitner.

The route has been slightly modified, with the lower station located in the same place while the location of the upper station will be moved around forty meters higher up and to the east. The axis will therefore be shifted, eliminating the crossing between the old chairlift and the Stade chairlift.

A link to the current tracks will be created, the aim of moving the upper station is to facilitate the switch to the Hauts Forts sector: with the old chair lift, access was possible but only via the Combe du Machon track. The other slopes that the Grandes Combes chairlift serves, notably the Crozats snowcross and the World Cup slope, are inaccessible by gravity because the arrival of the Lac Intrets chairlift was lower than that of the Grandes Combes chairlift. With the new device, the arrival of the Grandes Combes chairlift making all the slopes accessible by skiing. This should make all the pistes on Haute-Fort more accessible by all levels of skiers and snowboarders.