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We are proud to be working closely with leading snow sports brands and to be able to pass on this benefit to you!

Northstar Chalets have teamed up with our partners at WearColour and Mons Royal and can now proudly offer our guests discounts on new gear. So if you fancy a new jacket or merino wool base layer then check out

After you have booked we will provide you with a 20% off discount code to be used on their website.

New Zealand based Mons Royale creates versatile merino clothing designed to deliver both technical performance and style. They don’t think you should have to compromise either one of these, which is why they strive to design garments that riders love because they work brilliantly and feel great to wear and look good on. They make awesome garments from merino wool that perform as brilliantly as they look great on you.

WearColour is a Swedish lifestyle brand and was founded in 2010. They create garments that express trends influenced by Swedish fashion and design heritage. Our collections bridge the gap between the wild outdoors and modern urban culture, and the gap between technical performance wear and casual clothing.